Group Overview

Vista Group started its operations from Nigeria in early 1980s and expanded to other countries including Ghana, Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, etc. Besides, Vista Group also started trading offices in India and Dubai. The group sources their products directly from large manufacturers like paper mills and other major producers, which enables them to be competitive in the market. Vista Group is also associated with many major and fast growing industrial houses in Asia and Europe. These groups mutually assist to search beneficial investment opportunities in their respective regions. Over time Vista Group has Build trust and reliability across the whole of Western Africa,and embossed a bench mark in the global industry. We, at Vista have been stocking varieties of products from suppliers in Asia, Europe, South Africa and North & South America, making us a truly global source for Paper and other products. Vista International with its infrastructure and Distribution capabilities is today a ideal partner for Manufacturers, joint Venture Partners and Others all over the globe seeking to make inroads into this Mighty African Nation.

The Vista Advantage:

As a leading player in the manufacturing, trading & distribution, we believe:

  • In values and relationships that strengthen the bond between a supplier and customer.
  • That commitment to any business partner or community needs to be fulfilled even in adverse conditions.
  • In ensuring cost-effective product routing to enable mass distribution.
  • That Product reliability, availability & accessibility are the key factors empowering growth of ideas and technologies.
  • That Focus, Transparency & Performance builds and reinforces partnership.
  • In imparting the basic concepts of business development into the remote corners of the developing & under-developed world.

That alignment of our goals and ambitions to that of our business partners facilitates coherence & mutually rewarding future.