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Vista Africa Holdings - paper suppliers in africa

Who We Are

Vista Africa Holdings is the primary and leading source for Paper, Stationery and Printing Consumables. We are one of the largest manufacturers of paper products in Nigeria and have subsidiaries in Ghana, Ivory Coast, Mozambique and Zambia.

Established in 1989, we are currently Africa’s largest manufacturer of school and office stationery products, producing quality exercise books and notebooks for the continent. This with our enhanced services has enabled us to build a solid reputation as one of Africa’s premium manufacturers, distributors and traders.

Our stock varieties of quality Paper comes from reputable suppliers across Asia, Europe, South Africa and North and South America, making us a truly global source for Paper. At our manufacturing facilities in Lagos and Accra we are equipped with top of the line and state-of-the art European Machine Lines producing quality international exercise books, stationery and other scholastic and paper products. We are cost effective and customer centric thereby making education and the other industries we supply more and more affordable.

Our paper products have established a leadership position on the ECOWAS regional sub regional market with an overall production capacity of 35,000 tons.

We are currently Africa's largest manufacturer of school and office stationery products producing quality exercise books and notebooks for the African educational sector.

Our Business

At Vista Africa, we enjoy a sustainable presence in the market and continue to evolve as a knowledge driven and customer centric organization. With a highly diverse clientele who need the products they can count on, we endeavor to serve our customers in different parts of Africa. With strategically located distribution centers in almost all the major cities of the countries we operate in, we cater to the needs of our consistently satisfied customers.

Our sustaining relations with our suppliers ensures that only the best quality reaches us, which eventually goes to all our customers, transforming customer satisfaction to customer delight.

In the recent years, Vista Africa has evolved into a dynamic organization diversifying into various sectors. In addition to Manufacturing of Paper Products and Stationery, Vista is today a distributor of paper, printing chemicals and consumables, Building Materials, Agro Chemicals etc.

Our Manufacturing facilities produce exercise books of international standard which are also sold throughout the African continent. With renowned brands like Copyman® photocopy paper, CAMPUS® and VistaLine® exercise books for primary, secondary and tertiary institution students. Others include A4 Business Notebooks, 5 subject, 3 subject notebooks and executive shorthand books. All these products have established a leadership position on the ECOWAS sub regional market with an overall production capacity of 35,000 tons.

Currently we employ well over 1000 African staff members who are increasingly becoming skilled assets in the field of manufacturing, warehousing and logistic. Vista Africa aims to double its production capacity thereby creating more job opportunities, increasing revenue and playing an active part in positive growth of Africa and her communities. All our strategic business development positions, our expertise, our infrastructure and distribution capabilities make Vista Africa an ideal partner for manufacturers and brands all over the globe. We will support you in seeking to make business investment inroads into Africa in turn benefitting the employee, the company, the nation and the continent at large.

Paper & Products

Paper Products & Stationery –

Paper and Paper Board in Sheets & Reels, Photocopy Paper, Envelopes, Office & Scholastic Stationery.

Printing Consumables & Chemicals –

Offset Plates, Printing Inks and Printing Machinery Parts.

Agro Chemicals –

Bio Fertilizer, Herbicides, Weedicides, Insecticides, Fungicides.

Building Materials –

Electrical Fittings, Floor and Wall Tiles, Sanitary Wear & Bath Fittings, Roofing Sheets, Adhesives, Glycerol, MDF Boards, Raw Materials for Plastics Industry, Paints, Locks Lubricants,

Our Vision & Values

At Vista Africa we are consistently working to build a world class company that places the African continent on the map of global manufacturers, keeping with international standards.

We continuously expand our production capacity through regular refurbishment and upgrades of our existing equipment, thus, we are constantly working to achieve significantly increased market share for our products. With the set international standard we guarantee for our products, impeccable quality and unbeatable value. All through this, giving opportunity to upgrade the technical skills of our employees and enabling hands on experience with the latest technologies.


It’s consistently first on our list. We value the safety of our employees and ensure the highest standards in manufacturing. We always start with safety.


We value our operational excellence, and we exercise integrity when managing the processes that are at the heart of our business. We ensure the consistent quality of all our products.


Since 1989, we’ve balanced the needs of today with the needs of tomorrow. Ensuring consistently that our business modules that our business modules are sustainable to the development of our economies.


We are continuously improving and innovating to give us the competitive edge in the business environments where we operate.